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Announcements: May 20th-24th

In reading this last week we continued the novel Rules. We will be working on answering questions about what we are reading. We are also spending time talking about how our judgments of people can often times be wrong and discussing characteristics of our novel characters. This unit will takes us to the end of the year. Students have checks throughout their packet to make sure they are comprehending what they are reading and taking their time. When students answer their packet questions they are able to look back in their book, so I am continuing to emphasize taking their time and looking back at what they read when answering questions.

In math this previous week we did start a project about area and money. Students are designing their own 1-story home. They are focusing on the layout of the home and not the furniture and other extra home items. Once they design their home they have to find the area of it, and from there they figure out how much flooring will cost. They have to think about multiple things while completing this project like they different types of flooring they would use in each type of room and where you would or wouldn't need the nicer flooring. This is a multi-step project that will work on a lot of the different skills they have been learning throughout this year.

****We will have our final week of spelling this week!

       Day 1: Students receive their sorts for the week.

       Day 2: Students do a blind sort with a parent. Students should have the sort categories written out and a parent/guardian tells them a word.    They just have to point to which sort the word belongs in. Please sign the page, so we know that students did the blind sort with an adult.

       Day 3: Students complete the spelling worksheet they are given.

       Day 4: An adult gives the students a practice test. They should be practicing spelling the words correctly and putting them in the correct sort. 

       Day 5: All previous days work is collected and students take their spelling test for that week. 

In language arts students worked on cinquain poems.

In social studies this week they worked on learning about the Southern Colonies.

The main focus of health was learning about diseases. 


Grand Person/Art Show is rescheduled for May 22nd.

May 13 ACES.


May 29 Ice Cream Celebration from PAC

May 30 Last Day of 5th Grade @ the Aquatic Center


End of the Year Band/Choir Rehearsal Schedule
Tues., May 21 - Last Rehearsal for Band & Choir
 Fri., May 24 - All School-owned instruments turned in.

Blended Learning Days: If school is closed for any reason (snow, cold, etc.) Students will have to complete blended learning day activities. These activities will be sent home in a paper copy next week. You can always access them on my page if you follow this link http://soundandfury.info/blended-learning-day-3        Students should complete any 3 activities for each day they have off. They should then write the activities they completed in their planner and have you sign their planner saying they did complete the activities. You can also email me telling me what they did, so they will then receive credit for those activities.  Students should not do the same activity three times, but if there are multiple days off they can repeat activities on separate days. The first day they have off is a "freebie!" They do not have to do any of the blended learning activities until the 2nd time they have a day off. They do not have to complete activities for late start days. 

Redone work: For students that redo work to get points back, the scores of their original assignment and their corrected one will be averaged for their final score in the grade book. Math tests will still be half credit for each problem they redo correctly.    

 Friday Folders: Students will be bringing these home every Friday! Please empty them, and look over all notes and information. 

SQUIRT: We have started SQUIRT, and students have all been given a good amount of time to going with it. I am working to remind students to utilize their time during silent reading to really read their books. This way the books needing to be read will not pile up at the end of the semester.