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About 2nd Grade

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Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting is a daily routine used by each classroom to begin our school day. All classroom members gather in a circle to greet one another, to listen and respond to each other’s sharing, to practice academic and social skills, and to look forward to the events in the day ahead.

Morning Meeting consists of 4 components:

1. Greeting: Children greet each other by name, often including handshaking, clapping, singing, and other activities.

2. Sharing: Students share some news of interest to the class and respond to each other, practicing communication skills and learning about one another.

3. Group Activity: The whole class does a short activity together, building class cohesion through active participation.

4. Assistance and Announcements: Students develop language skills and learn about events in the day ahead by reading and discussing a daily message.


Reading and Writing

Our balanced literacy reading block includes whole group and small group instruction as well as individual reading instruction and conferring. Whole group mini lessons are used to teach reading skills and strategies. Small group allows for guided practice of the skills and strategies. Independent work provides students a chance to demonstrate application of the skills and strategies in their own reading and writing.  



Our 2nd grade math units include...

Unit 1: Establishing Routines

Unit 2: Fact Strategies

Unit 3: More Fact Strategies

Unit 4: Place Value and Measurement

Unit 5: Addition and Subtraction

Unit 6: Whole Number Operations and Number Stories

Unit 7: Whole Number Operations and Measurement Data

Unit 8: Geometry and Arrays

Unit 9: Equal Shares and Whole Number Operations


WIN (What I Need)

Students work in flexible skill groups (possibiliy with another teacher and/or students from other 2nd grade classrooms) to master specific skills and/or receive enrichment. 



Our 2nd grade science units include...

Unit 1: Nature of Science and Engineering

Unit 2: Matter 

Unit 3: Forces and Motion 

Unit 4: Weather

Unit 5: Plants 


Social Studies

Our 2nd grade social studies units include...

Unit 1: Citizenship and Government

Unit 2: Economics

Unit 3: Geography

Unit 4: History



Our health curriculum covers topics including; 



Mrs. deNeui, our Art Specialist, works with children once a week and together they happily explore the elements of art. We love creating “masterpieces” of our own for the refrigerator door, too!



We all look forward to gym days with Mrs. Herrmann and Mr. Wagner. Students enjoy building physical skills as well as practicing good sportsmanship. Please remember tennis shoes on these days. They are required for gym, and children are not allowed to participate without appropriate shoes. Your child may bring shoes to keep in his/her locker.


Library/Media Center

Students see Mrs. Torczon-Essien once a week and spend time in the library and computer lab. Second graders may check out 2 library books at a time. Books should be returned to school on media days.



Once a week we visit the Music Specialist, Mrs. Klinkenberg, to explore our “music smarts”. Don’t be surprised if your child is excited to teach you a new song when they come home!