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About Mrs. Ilkka



My name is Cathy Ilkka-Mrs. Ilkka to my students. I have four children 

(Alec, Adam, Alise, and Aimee) and a wonderful husband...Greg (he is 

supportive of my late night correcting sessions!). I love going for walks, 

reading, doing crafts (especially beading-making jewelry), and spending 

time with my family. 

     I look forward to getting to know your child this year. 

I am dedicated to making this a terrific year for all of my students and 

will be communicating with you often about my classroom plans, your 

child's progress, and other activities as they arise. I am a Responsive Classroom 

teacher, This means we will set up our classroom rules together, make our 

hopes and dreams, have a team meeting, and foster a positive, safe, and 

challenging environment.

     Because communication is so important, I will be sending home a Friday folder

containing  things we did for the week. There may be forms to fill out and sign as 

well. Please look at the announcements (on line at this address) for upcoming

events, tests, projects and other important information.

Please sign the sheet inside the folder saying you saw the 

contents, it is your child's responsibility to show you! Take this 

opportunity to discuss with your child how things are going at school. 

Let your child know how pleased you are with their progress. It's a chance 

to reward your child with well earned praise, as well as reinforce his/her 

efforts at school.

     This year a team of teachers will teach your child. I will teach reading, language,

science, and health. Mrs, Madigan will teach Math, spelling, and Social Studies. 

Media, Music, Phy Ed. and Art will be taught by the specialists. 

     I believe students choose their behavior, and thus the consequences 

that go along with that choice. If students choose to behave properly they 

are choosing to receive a positive reward (Praise, positive note sent 

home, free time, class party, etc.). If they choose to misbehave they are 

likewise choosing to receive a negative consequence. The negative consequences 

begin with a warning, a break to think in the take a break chair, a visit to the 

buddy room to fill out a reflection sheet, to a parent meeting and finally 

in extreme cases a visit to the principal. I will do everything I can this 

year to encourage your child to make wise choices.

    I want you to know that I always deal with a behavior problem in class 

by beginning with the first three consequences. I won't call you for a minor 

problem. Before making a call to you, I will put myself in your place and 

ask, "If this had happened with my own child, would I want the teacher to 

call me?", if the answer is "No", I won't call. If the answer is "Yes", 

then I will call.

     My goal is to make this year as positive, respectful, and rewarding 

as I can for everyone in my room. With your support, I know that can happen!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

My phone number is 111-1500 or my voice mail 111-1570. I can also be 

reached by email [email protected] (Do not forget to check the announcement section

as well.) Updates are done weekly....set it up as one of your 

favorites or bookmark it!

**If you do not have a computer...let me know!

Looking forward to a great year!! Mrs. Ilkka