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Announcements: Friday, Sept. 14

 In math this week, we will continue on our first unit which deals with finding area and volume. Students should be getting used to doing one homelink per night and putting it back in their expandable folders. There were a few who did not have these complete for our first homelink check today so unfortunately, some late assignment stickers were given. As long as they complete one math sheet per night and keep it in their expandable, they will be in great shape!

The spelling pretest will be on Monday. Students who do well on the pretest ( miss only one or two) should also study the challenge words. There will be a spelling worksheet to help them practice which be due on Friday (they can take it home if they want to, but should have time during class to complete it). The final test will be on Friday. The spelling list for the week is posted on the homework link to the left, and a paper copy will be sent home on Monday (check the spelling section of the expandable).

In social studies this week we will be continuing our map skills unit. We have been taking a lot of notes in our social studies notebooks, doing various activities, and completing our yellow study guide (it is almost complete). We have a few more lessons and review days before the first test which will be on Wednesday, Sept. 26. Students can use all of these things to start studying for that test. Just remember to keep them in the expandable, not at home, so we have it at school when needed.


Cedar Lake Field Trip: is on Wednesday, September 19. This is annual outdoor education trip for the 5th graders. They will need to bring a lunch on that day, or if you prefer, the school can provide one for you using your hot lunch account. A form for that is coming home today and needs to be returned by Tuesday, Sept. 11 if you choose that option. Also, if you would like to join us as a chaperone on that day, just let me know! We will be leaving school around 9:15 and returning around 2:00.

Band and choir start this week! Your band student is bring home information on when their lessons are in their planners (taped inside the cover). They also have a yellow half sheet in the misc. section of their expandable with more information and band calendar. Choir kids will go to choir on Day 2 (Friday) while the full band has their first practice. Please see Mrs. Spindler's website http://soundandfury.info/beginners-band

S.P.A.C.E. (Students Practicing Awesome Communication Everyday)Folders: will be coming home each Friday! Please empty them, look over all the notes and information, date, and sign the inside cover. Hoping this way things don't "pile up" in the bottom of backpacks all year! Your student should then return the signed, empty folder on Monday to receive a SPACE BUCK!

SQUIRT: has begun! Wondering what the process involves? There is a detailed note on yellow paper coming home today in the SPACE folders. Please read it over, sign and return the bottom portion. We can answer any questions you have at our Parent Night on Thursday!