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Blended Learning Day

Happy Blended Learning Day!

Pick three activities of your choice.

Please email your teacher or have a parent sign your planner to indicate the activities you completed. Have fun!

Need help logging into your student google account?

Check out this tutorial:




Write a summary of your day using at least 5 complete sentences.

Go to and play a

game or watch a video on a topic of your choice.

Username:ravenstream Password: school

Complete a set of 10 reps of jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups.  Rest for a minute and repeat. Calculate your heart rate.

Go to Assistanceela and read an article of your choice.  Take the quiz.



Do a kind deed for a neighbor - shovel, share a treat, etc.

Spend 20 minutes on



Read aloud to someone for 20 minutes.


Spend 30 minutes practicing math skills using IXL.

Read to self for 20 minutes.

Explore the magazine site. Read, play a game, or watch a video.

(password: sciencerules!)

Go to and explore the site.Write down how to play your favorite board game and then play the game.