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Celebration Book Club

Celebrate your child's birthday or other special occasion by donating a hardcover book to the Raven Stream Elementary Media Center. Your donation will be recognized by a bookplate in the front of the book. You will be able to write out exactly how you want it printed on the bookplate. Your child will have the honor of being the first to check out the new book. When it is returned, it will become a permanent part of our Media Center collection. 

It is easy and fun to participate in our Celebration Book Club. Here are the options:event_43816361.jpeg

1. A wide variety of books are located on our Celebration Book Club Shelf to purchase. You can come in yourself (or simply send your child) with a certain dollar amount to buy a book. We will be happy to help with selections.
2. Your child may come to the Media Center at any time to choose from the Celebration Book selections. We will send home a note with the title and amount due. Checks should be made out to Raven Stream Elementary School.
3. You may send a check for $15.00 or more and we will choose the book for you.

Your donations are a valuable part in maintaining an up-to-date collection of materials that will encourage our students to develop a life-long love of reading. Thank you for your consideration in giving the gift of reading.