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Learning Expectations

Our Learning Expectations

Take a look at our expectations that my 4ths created last year!  During the 1st week of school, we will create expectations all together. 

Expectation #1:  How we treat others

Expectation #2:  How we treat ourselves

Expectation #3:  How we treat our school

Expectation #4:  Freebie :)

We will...

   treat others the way we want to be treated,

   treat ourselves with CARE,

   always show REAP, and

   be AWESOME, 

so we can be the BEST we can be! 


At Falcon Ridge Elementary, we pride ourselves in showing our REAP in all aspects of our school day, including the bus, lunch and recess, at home, special activities.  We agree to show Respect, Effort, Attitude, and Pride.  We will represent Falcon Ridge Elementary and Make Our Mark on the World!  

Our guiding principles (taken from the Responsive Classroom model) will be CARES.  This is how we take CARE of ourselves. 






These principles allow you to take care of yourself and the people around you!


Logical Consequences:

We will also use Logical Consequences in our classroom.  

If you make a poor choice, logical consequences will help you make the situation right. 

"You break it, you fix it"

What it looks like:  A classmate takes your pencil and breaks it.  A Logical consequence would be to replace the pencil.  


Take a Break

It is not a punishment!

What it looks like:  Students sit in a designated area to regain control of their body or mind.  They may complete any of the following activities, Doodle a Quiet Place, Write in the "Dear Mrs. Borwege" journal, or lay head down and rest.  Know that this is usually a last resort for Mrs. Borwege. 

Another secret break option will be to run "errands" to teachers at FR.  Usually just a little indicating that we are taking a little break and getting a little movement into our bodies.  4ths may also have an opportunity to jump rope or take a little breather elsewhere.  Sometimes we don't have our "A game", and that's OK.  Your 4th will be given the tools to learn how to manage difficult situations.  Life is about learning.  Not perfection. 


Apology of Action

What it looks like:  A classmate won't let you play kickball on the playground.  The child may request an Apology with an action.  A Logical Consequence for this may be the following day at recess they play kickball together.


Phone Call Home

I tease the students often, "Who would you rather deal with Mrs. B or Mom and Dad?"  :)  Usually Mrs. B is the preferred choice. 


Visit with Mr. Giesen

If at anytime the safety of your child or other children is in jeopordy or learning has stopped in room 18, Mr. Giesen may need to assist through having a conversation with your child.   

Every Day is a FRESH START!