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Committees & Roles

There are several district committees made up of community members and district staff that work together to support the students of New Prague Area Schools:

Department of Educational Services Team

The Department of Educational Services is responsible for overseeing the entire educational learning program from pre-K through graduation. Included in the Learning & Teaching Team are: Director of Educational Services, Director of Special Services , Director of Curriculum, Assessment & Gifted & Talented, Director of Community Education, Staff Development Coordinator, Gifted & Talented Coordinator, Director of Technology Integration, Early Childhood Coordinator.  
Tony%20Buthe%20%281%29.jpgTony Buthe
Director of Educational Services
Phone: 111-111-1767
Email: [email protected]

Amy Johnson
Special Services Director
Phone: 111-111-1724
Email: [email protected]

Julie%20Schmitz16.jpgJulie Schmitz
Marketing and Communications Specialist
Phone: 111-111-1741
Email: [email protected]
Tony%20Buthe%20%282%29.jpgJanelle Kirsch
Community Education Director
Phone: 111-111-1734
Email: [email protected]
Maren%20Bahler.jpgMaren Bahler
Director of Curriculum & Assessment
Phone: 111-111-1740
Email: [email protected]
Mary%20Bartusek.jpg Mary Bartusek
Early Childhood Coordinator
Phone: 111-111-1671
Email: [email protected]
Shawn%20Brandt.jpgShawn Brandt
Director of Technology Integration
Phone: 111-111-1709
Email: [email protected]
 Johna%20Anderson.jpgJohna Anderson
Mentorship Coordinator
Phone: 111-111-1616
Email: [email protected]

District Advisory Committee & World's Best Work Force Committee

The District Curriculum Advisory & World's Best Work Force Committee's philosophy and purpose is to ensure members of the community and educators work together in a positive way to improve the quality of education for children in the community. Being a member of the District Curriculum Advisory & World's Best Work Force Committee provides an opportunity to serve as a sounding board for the community, to gain knowledge about the District's curricula and its development, and to positively influence change within each curriculum area based on knowledge, research, and community needs. Additionally, the committee ensures that various existing district plans fit together and serve as a blueprint to create a quality workforce equipped with necessary skills for the 21st century, per World's Best Work Force legislation. Members include:

Tim Dittberner, Superintendent                                      

Tony Buthe, Director of Educational Services                

Shawn Brandt, Director of Technology Integration        

Maren Bahler, Director of Curriculum & Assessment      

Bridget Barnett, Early Childhood Pre-School                  

Will Remmert, Principal, Eagle View Elementary            

Heather Novak, Parent

Robbie Cheever, Parent

Rachel Radermacher, Parent

Brian Thorstad, High School Band Instructor

Don Dvorak, School Board Member

Julie Hull, Reading/Title One Teacher

Amanda Bjerke, NPAS Student  


Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC)

SEPAC is a volunteer committee that meets periodically throughout the school year to share information and discuss issues of concern and interest specifically related to educational programming for students with special needs. The committee provides feedback to the New Prague Special Services Department so it is better able to meet the needs and address the concerns of district students and their families. SEPAC is a partnership between parents, educators, and others interested in students with disabilities. This group is facilitated by the District's Special Education Department.  For further information, please contact:

Amy Johnson
Director of Special Services
Phone: 111-111-1724
Email: [email protected]



Staff Development Team

The Staff Development Team is responsible for providing high quality professional development for all staff that promotes academic excellence. The Staff Development Team aligns to the District's mission, vision and core values statements. The team provides opportunities for all staff to engage in research-based best practices.  Members:

Jean Gerold

Kim Clark

Aimee  Bombardo

Teresa Hoverson

Jane Dittberner

Kris Palma

Katie Challberg

Eagle View

Falcon Ridge

Raven Stream

Middle School

High School

Early Childhood

Special Education


Tim Dittberner

Tony Buthe

Will Remmert

Dave Giesen

Pat Pribyl

Brad Gregor

Lonnie Seifert

Julie Schmitz 


Staff Development Coordinator

Eagle View  Principal

Falcon Ridge Principal

Raven Stream Principal

Middle School Principal

High School Principal

Staff Development Assistant


Intervention & Extension Team 

We are a collaborative team of administrators, instructional coaches, reading and intervention specialists, gifted and talented coordinator, and Title 1 staff.  The academic intervention provides students with enrichment and/or intervention services to accelerate their achievement.  We: 

  • Meet to coordinate opportunities and intervention plans.
  • Support staff with professional development and resources. 
  • Research and review universal screening tools and progress monitoring tools that assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of interventions.

For further information, please contact: 

Maren Bahler
Director of Curriculum & Assessment
Phone: 111-111-1740
Email: [email protected]


Title I Parent Advisory Group 

The Title 1 Advisory Committees are comprised of Title 1 staff, administrators, and parents of students who participate in the Title 1 program.  The committee is involved in the planning, revision, and monitoring of components of the Title 1 program.  They provide feedback pertaining to the Title 1 programs, activities and parent involvement opportunities. 

For further information, please contact: 

Maren Bahler
Director of Curriculum & Assessment
Phone: 111-111-1740
Email: [email protected]


Gifted & Talented Building Leaders 

The Gifted and Talented Building Leaders are teacher representatives from our elementary and middle schools who are working closely with their peers and administrators to create positive learning environments that strive to provide an enriching and challenging academics for our brightest students.The team, led by Maren Bahler, includes:

Brian Triplett: Middle School

Cathy Ilkka: Raven Stream Elementary

JoAnne Torp: Eagle View Elementary

Missy Trnka: Falcon Ridge Elementary



Technology Integration Coaches (TIC)

The TIC Team collaborates with the Technology, Curriculum, and Staff Development teams to design a digital learning environment that uses technology to enhance the learning and teaching process. Team members have a strong background in curriculum instruction and experience using technology to improve student learning. Also, this team is a critical component to support the goals of the NPAS digital learning environment (Powerful Learning website):

  • Increase student learning and achievement.
  • Improve student college & career readiness.
  • Increase 21st-century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.
  • Increase student engagement in high levels of learning. 
Team members include: (Technology Integration Coaches)