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Creating a Community of Learners

Classroom management system

We will begin our year talking about and generating "hopes and dreams" for the year. From our discussions we will develop classroom rules and consequences. I believe that my job is to teach independence and help children monitor their own behavior. Some ways that I will reinforce this are as follows.

Logical Consequences...

Take-a-Break: If a child is being disruptive, he/she goes to a designated spot in the room to pull back together. The take-a-break is short. The child comes back as soon as he/she has regained control and calmed their body down. Children may go voluntarily to the take-a-break as well. 

Loss of Privilege: If a child misuses a material or acts out during an activity, that child will be told to stop using the material or stop doing the activity for a short period of time. The privilege will be restored when the child and teacher have talked about how to prevent a similar problem in the future. 

"You break it, you fix it": If a child damages something or hurts someone's feelings, she/he will try to fix the damage. In the case of hurting someone's feelings, the child might offer an "apology of action" by writing a card, helping with an activity, making an illustration, or taking some other action beyond verbally saying "sorry". 


Responsive Classroom 


The responsive classroom approach is used by elementary schools around the classroom to create learning environments where children thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. It emphasizes teaching children to take care of themselves, eachother, and the school environment so that everyone can learn at his/her best. You'll notice our class playing attention to how students treat one another throughout the day. You'll also see a strong emphasis on students setting goals for their own learning and taking responsibility for reaching those goals. 


Please let me know if you have any questions. I will also be in contact about any incidents or misbehaviors in the classroom if your child is struggling in some way. Let's work together to have a safe, responsible, and respectful year at Falcon Ridge!