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Daily 5

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During Reading Workshop in our classroom, students have time each day to practice, practice, practice! Reading Workshop in our classroom consists of the following: interactive read aloud with think aloud, several focus mini-lessons that allow "brain breaks", small group reading instruction and/or individual reading conferences, and independent literacy tasks.

Students are carefully taught how to choose a good-fit (just-right) book to read. Each student in our classroom has his/her special book bag/box to place all just-right books in. Students read independently daily (during Read to Self time) and also with a partner (during Read to Someone time). At this time, I teach guided reading and confer with individual students. While I work with a small reading group, all other students are highly engaged in the Daily 5 reading activities around the room.  In addition, we use the “Scott Foresman Reading Street” reading program and incorporate the basal into the daily focus (mini) lessons.

Read to Self:

When students Read to Self, students read good-fit books independently from their book bag/boxes. Students take their book box and find a cozy reading spot around the room. All books are carefully monitored by myself to ensure they are indeed a good-fit for students.

Why do we do this? The best way to become a better reader is to practice, practice, and practice each day! Read to Self helps us become better readers and it is fun! 

Read to Someone

When students choose Read to Someone, partners take their book boxes and read just-right books together. Partners are taught to sit "EEKK" style when partner reading (elbow to elbow, knee to knee). Students make decisions together about where they want to read, what they want to read (same book or different books), and how they want to read. Students are carefully taught to CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING when partner reading using a checkmark. The use of checkmarks holds the listener accountable and helps both students improve listening and reading comprehension. While one student reads, the other student listens carefully and then "checks for understanding". The listener holds up a check-mark and retells what he/she heard by saying: "I heard you say (who & what)." Students are also carefully taught how to be good reading coaches and to assist partners when they come to an unknown word or when comprehension may break down.

Why do we do this? Reading with a partner is fun and helps us become more fluent readers. It also helps us improve our reading comprehension. 

Work on Writing

During daily Work on Writing time, students can choose to continue a piece of writing from Writing Workshop time or write about anything else they choose to write about.


Listen to Reading

When students choose Listen to Reading, they can either listen to stories on the computer or books on CD. There are many different links on our website which allow students to listen to online stories. 

Why do we do this? Listening to books on tape is fun and helps us to become more fluent readers. It exposes us to a variety of genre, too! 

Word Work

When students choose Word Work, they explore and work with our weekly spelling and vocabulary words

Why do we do this? Word work allows us to learn about words, to expand our vocabularies, and to become better spellers! Our writing is important to us and correct spelling allows our readers to have a better understanding and appreciation of our writing.