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Device Damaged or Lost

power.pngWe know accidents happen. The "Technology Use & Support Fee" helps reduce the cost to families in the event of such accidents. If your Chromebook is damaged or lost, please follow the steps listed below. See the  for more information.

What should I do if my Chromebook is damaged or lost?

01cr.pngStep 1: Bring Your Device to the Media Center
Students, a staff member will check-in your device and submit a repair claim.


Step 2: Submit Your Accidental Damage or Replacement Fines Online
Parents, log into your account... Under "Activities," click the "Fees" button.

Notes: • A device cannot be returned until the Damage or Replacement Fine has been paid.
Notes: • Lost or Stolen? You must file and submit a copy of the police report.



Step 3: Pick Up Your Device from the Media Center
After submitting payment, pick up your device from the media center.