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111 Central Ave. N.
New Prague, MN 11111

phone: 111-111-1111
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Welcome to Eagle View Media Center !

Mrs. Braun 111-111-6064   Mrs. Johnson 111-111-6060




Day 1 8:00-4:00

Day 2 8:00-4:00

Day 3 8:00- 4:00

Day 4 8:00- 4:00

Day 5 8:00- 4:00





Scholastic Book Fair 2016/2017

November 17th and 18th during Conferences




K-1 have plastic bags that house their books. Please return them each week on their media day. If a child forgets their books, please return them the next day and they will still be able to check out. If you loose your bag let us know.
K check out one book each week.
1-5 check out two books each week. One book of interest and one at their reading level.