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Earth Science Unit

Earth Science Unit

Review and watch the links below to learn about our Earth!                                                    


Earth Day 2019.... Read about how you can help make the earth a better place to live:  

Watch the Brain pop video on the parts and structures of the Earth. 
Complete the worksheet. Remember: To Log in Ravenstream and School.


Watch this video on soil erosion. 


Watch the video by Bill Nye about erosion. 


Watch the video on weathering and erosion. What is the difference between 
mechanical and chemical weathering. How does that relate to erosion?


This material is like the mantle of the Earth. DO NOT throw down the 
drain!! Let it dry and throw it in the garbage. 


Watch what happens in this erosion lab. 


Watch a video on what happens in a rock slide:

Watch the video on the rock cycle with Bill Nye! an you outrun a volcano eruption?

Watch these Earth Science videos on Crash Course:

Rocks and interesting information: