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Ecosystem/Life Science Unit

Ecosystems/Life Science unit

What an amazing project to create our own Biodome! Did you know that a project 
called Biosphere 2 contained humans! Follow the links below and find out more 
about food chains and energy in an ecosystem. 

Ecosystems/Life Science unit

Watch the following links:


Can we engineer a life size biodome that includes humans in the food chain? 
Find out if it was a success!


Watch to find out what ecosystems are and the important parts of a 
successful ecosystem. 


Make your own biodome! Watch this video and engineer your own 
ecosystem in a bottle. 


Watch this video and put the following in your notes:
1. Where do plants get their food?
2. What is a food chain? Draw an example
3. What is an ecosystem?
4. How does energy flow in a food chain?
5. What is a habitat?
6. What is a food web? Draw a picture of one.


Here is the lessons we are doing in class. If you need to catch up 
read the lesson. 


Watch this to learn about adaptations. 


What happens when a species cannot make a change to adapt to its 


Check out the list. Write a paragraph on one species of your choice.  
Tell why you chose it, why is it unique, why it is in danger, and 
any other information you feel is important. 


*Be sure you know these definitions:
structural (physical) and behavioral adaptations, mutations
endangered species, and extinction. *Be sure you know how people and animals change the environment. *Look over the Google slide show below.