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Annual Report on New Prague Area Schools (NPAS) district achievements and challenges during 2017-2018.

Registration for all children entering Kindergarten for school year 2018-2019.


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05/23/2019 (All day)
05/27/2019 (All day)
05/29/2019 (All day)
05/30/2019 (All day)

*Please call our 24-hour Attendance Line if your child is absent:  (111) 111-1605.

*If your child is not registered with New Prague Area Schools (NPAS), please call the District Office at (111) 111-1703.

*If you have a question about kindergarten, please call Falcon Ridge at (111) 111-1603.

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 *We have a monthly Falcon Ridge Assistanceletter which has Dates To Note, Menus, and Volunteer Opportunities. Please click for the google sites link to our newsletter.