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About Our Media Center

The kids call me "Mrs. E.", even though my legal name is Mrs. Torczon-Essien (way too much for kids to pronounce or even spell!).  I am your child's media teacher at Falcon Ridge.  I've been teaching over 23 years.  My teaching area of expertise is information technology, which we know has changed greatly over the years.  From paper and pencil, print and electronic, to being connected globally 24 hours a day kind of changes! Chances are, our media center is very different from the traditional library most would think of or has experienced.  

Many ask, "What do you do in media?"  In media we learn about any type of resource leading us to information.  We learn how to best "organize", "store", and "show" information accessed, processed, or learned within our own creative abilities.  We learn about responsibility in dealing with information coming in and out of our machines and brains.  We learn about the impact of information and its effects while living in a connected world.  

I expose kids at varying levels to;

  • Google for Education (Google docs, Slides, Sheets, Photos, Video, Sites) + more as they are developed.
  • Collaboration:  Google Classroom, Flipgrid, 
  • Digital Citizenship:  Digital Footprints, moderation, academic and social use, and safety.
  • Organization and Processing:  Engineering processes (ask, imagine, plan, create, improve), digital brainstorming and note taking, and customizing their interaction with information.
  • Exploration:  Hands on practice with information, including the love of storytelling and reading.
  • Creation:  Computer Science Basics (coding), presenting, documenting knowledge with relative tools available in their everyday life.