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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.

1.As a parent, do I help my child with the math homelinks?
2.Does my child have to take the challenge words on the spelling test?
3.Do I need to sign the assignment notebook?
4.Is my child able to bring birthday treats to celebrate their birthday?



Do I help my child with their homelink?

Yes! The homelink is the same content as our daily math lesson. This
provides an excellent opportunity to review and reteach the concepts your
child is learning in math class. If your child is having difficulty on a
homelink, please write a note on the homelink, and I'll be eager to assist
your child.



Does my child have to take the Challenge Words on a Spelling Test?

If your child can handle the basic 15 words during study periods at home,
please encourage him/her to also practice the challenge words. If your child
struggles to learn the basic 15, do not practice the challenge words. A
guideline to follow is if your child consistently gets 13 - 15 of the spelling
words correct each week, the challenge words should be attempted.



Do I need to sign my child's assignment notebook?

Please sign after your child has completed his/her homework each evening.



Is my child able to bring birthday treats to celebrate their birthday?

Yes, however all treats must be purchased at a store and come to school in their original sealed container. Please send snacks that are easy to distribute at the school. I would encourage you to think of non-edible items such as pencils, crazy straws, or glow sticks. The wellness policy for the school district can be found HERE.