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          Eagle View is participating in the following fundraisers. 
The proceeds benefit each child because the funds are used to purchase needed 
items for our school. 

Boxtops for Education - please trim along dotted lines. Check out their web-
site at: www.boxtops4education.com for coupons, new products and additional 
ways to help our school. 

Campbell’s Labels for Education - soup labels - please send only the upc and 
the neighboring small emblem. The website www.labelsforeducation.com contains 
a lot of information about what to save. 


Coborn's - collect the Labels for Learning Points on register receipt tapes. 
every Tuesday 10% of every photo order placed will be donated to the 
customer's school of choice.

Kemps-Nickels for School and Give-M-Five - rinsed stickered milk caps, carton 
strips and emblems from other products such as cottage cheese. 

Land O Lakes - rinsed stickered milk caps.


Milk Moola - Kwik-Trip, rinsed stickered milk caps and plastic 1 inch strips 
cut from bags of milk. 

Our Family - Econo Foods - we receive $.05 for each Our Family UPC. 


Printer Cartridges - Please send the large laser cartridges in the carton. We 
also recycle the smaller ones.  

Tyson Project A+ - Label strips from frozen products, each label is worth