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In fourth grade, other than reading and practicing spelling each night, there will be no homework given by me.  If your child works hard during the day, I don't believe in giving them more work to do at home.  On occasion, your child may bring other work home, but it will be work that they didn't finish during the day.  I provide Kids with plenty of work time each day.  If the work is difficult or the student doesn't use their time wisely, they may need extra time at home to complete the work. On occasion, your child may also have to spend some time at home studying for a test in math, science, or social studies, but we also spend a lot of time preparing in the classroom for these tests.  Any upcoming tests, events, or classroom news will be written in the student's planners.

           Students are expected to read for "SQUIRT" at least 20 minutes each day at home. Time will be given in class each day for SQUIRT(Sustained, Quiet, Un-interrupted, Reading, Time) and students may read books of their choice from the class library, media center, or home, but they should be chapter books and must be approved by me before reading. I will approve most books, but want to check the reading level so it isn't too hard or too easy. Students are required to read 20 (2,000 pages)SQUIRT books each semester. Their SQUIRT grade will count for a portion of their Reading grade.  Reading independently every night from a book at their level is the most important thing they can do! Parents I would also like to see you take some time out of your busy schedules to read to your child from a book that is just above their reading level. This will introduce your child to new vocabulary, and they will be able to see how an adult (fluent reader) reads. If you are able to do this your child will grow as a reader significantly.  Each Friday afternoon we will have "Fun Friday". Activities for Fun Friday vary from extra recess, to movies, games, free time, or special art projects and all students who have completed their weekly assignments will participate. Those who have out-standing work or missing assignments will be given that time to complete it.