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Work defined:


      I am a strong believer in encouraging individual reading by my students. 

Approximately 15-20 minutes during each day will be designated for 

S.Q.U.I.R.T. or Super Quiet Uninterrupted Independent Reading Time. I 

would encourage you to set up a short block of time for this activity at home 

also-perhaps just before you child turns in for the night. This could be done 

by your child alone, or with your assistance as a shared reading activity.

      A grade in Reading (each semester) will be given for this activity according to the

following scale: (100 pages is one book!)



     18 or more books = A+          11 books = C

     17         books = A           10 books = C-

     16         books = A-          9 books = D+

     15         books = B+          8 books = D

     14         books = B           7 books = D-

     13         books = B-          

     12         books = C+          


     In order for your child to receive credit for reading a book, I must first 

approve the book. This enables me to match your child's reading skill with 

the books they choose. I encourage your child to use their Lexile number.

I also use the Lexile.com site for help on the correct level of books.

     Next your child will need to read the book, fill in a blue short reading slip on the

book after they have read it, briefly tell you or another adult about the book after

they have read it, and then have that person sign the reading slip, your child will

receive credit for reading the book and a sticker for their reading chart. 

      My "hope" is that your child will develop a regular reading habit for 

life. My "goal" is that each and every child in my room will read on a regular 

basis! To keep your child on track...encourage 15-20 minutes at home!



Students can redo an assignment for half the points back if the 

redo is correct. It may not be done on a late assignment, a project, a test or quiz.

The choice is up to the students and is optional unless other arrangements

have been made. What a great chance to correct mistakes, learn more and 

get half the points back! 



We will put a missing stamp or message in your child's 

assignment notebook (Planner) when an assignment is missing.

Please sign the page letting us know you are aware of the situation.

Students will receive half credit for late/missing work (unless absent). 



When a student does not turn in an assignment on time they

will receive half credit. I tell the students it is better to turn an

assignment in late for half credit than to never turn it in and receive

a zero. It is of course better to not have a late assignment at all!   

Absent work:

When your child is absent their work will be put together. Mrs. Wiener and I will write the work

on a blue missing work sheet.  You will have the number of days that you were absent and one more total

to get your work turned in. If you do not, it will be considered late. If you are missing school and got your work ahead of time

we ask that you return to school with your work finished.