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While I don't necessarily send home work that needs to be completed in the form of worksheets, I do expect my students to be reading at home EVERYDAY, or ALMOST EVERYDAY.  The reading they do needs to be something they have chosen on their own.  When students have free choice of what they read, they are more engaged and are likely to spend more time reading.  On that note, I do not assign a specific amount of time that children should be reading at home. Sometimes, they will have a long time to read (20 to 30 minutes) and sometimes they may only have 10 minutes. No matter how much time they have, it's important to establish the routine of reading at home daily.

The children will be recording what they have read at home each morning when they arrive at school.  The form is called Status of the Class. It's not something they will complete at home and you will not have to sign it or fill anything out. On days that the children don't read, they simply write "I didn't read" on the form for that day.  We use the status of the class form to discuss and share what we are reading each day.  It's a great way for kids to hear about tons of books that they may want to read.



Being able to automatically recall basic math facts is an important life skill.  The old drill and kill method of timed tests is not supported by most research and is not something I do in my classroom.  The students will work on basic facts each day during our math block with a computer program called Xtra Math.  There are plenty of online games and apps that you can access at home with technology for free.  The children will also learn several card games that can be played at home with a basic deck of cards. We work on fact fluency with games and other fun ways to practice at school and you can continue this practice at home whenever you have time. (See links page for online practice options)