District Site

111 Central Ave. N.
New Prague, MN 11111

phone: 111-111-1111
fax: 111-111-1111


Daily Items Needed

Change of Clothing: Please send an extra full change of clothing as accidents may happen throughout the day. 

Water Bottle: Please send a water bottle for your child to use throughout the day. No juice or energy drinks please.

Gym: Tennis shoes are a must for gym play. 

Peaceful Moments: If your child is with us in the afternoons and still takes a nap you may want to send a sleep mat or blanket for your child to rest with. A travel size pillow is also ok.  Please do not bring toys or stuffed animals to WRAP.

Outdoor Gear: We will go outside each day for play and recreation, weather permitting. Please be sure to send clothing appropriate for the weather and do not dress your child in their Sundays best. No open-toed shoes on the playground.

Sweatshirt/Sweater: The room temperatures do vary throughout the day so a sweatshirt or sweater kept in your child's cubby is always a good idea.

Snacks & Lunch: We provide a nutritious morning and afternoon snack, but you will need to provide your child a bag lunch daily.

Preschool: Your child will always need a backpack and a preschool folder for the days they attend their preschool class.