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What is KeepCertified?

KeepCertified is an online program designed to help certified educators track their Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Login to review your license number, expiration date, total clock-hours, completed categories, and remaining requirements. KeepCertified also allows staff members to request additional CEUs, register for TIES classes,  and enroll in district workshops.

Who are the Continuing Education Committee members?

Human Resources
Cassie Olson

Staff Development
Julie Schmitz

Early Childhood
Jennifer Weichert

Eagle View
Meg Shetka

Falcon Ridge
Lisa Luskey

Raven Stream
Stacy Hemann

High School
Katie LoScalzo

Middle School
Tracy Helgerson



How do I log into KeepCertified?

Note: If you do not work for New Prague Area Schools and do not have a KeepCertified account, please contact Cassie Olson at the District Office: (111) 111-1704  [email protected]

If you already have a NPAS KeepCertified account, do the following: 

  1. On the Staff Resources page, click the KeepCertified button.
  2. Enter your complete NPAS email address and password.
  3. If you forgot your password, click on the Forgot your password? link.
  4. If you have trouble logging in, contact Cassie Olson

How do I submit my CEUs if I do not work for New Prague Area Schools?

How do I request new CEUs?

After attending a workshop, conference, or class, request a CEU approval by following the steps below. All CEU requests must be submitted online. 

  1. On the Staff Resources page, click the KeepCertified button.
  2. From the top KeepCertified menu, click the Request CEUs tab.
  3. Complete all of the fields on the form.
  4. You must attach a PDF or image file of your CEU certificate.
  5. Click the Choose File button to locate the certificate file.
  6. Click the Submit Request button to submit your CEU request. 
  7. Click the Home tab to review your current license status.
  8. Under Pending CEU Requests, you will see your submitted requests.
  9. Click the Master Record Report tab to review all approved CEUs.

I made a mistake, can I modify a submitted CEU request?

Yes, as long as the submitted request is still pending. All pending requests are listed on your KeepCertified Home page. To edit a pending request, do the following:

  1. Log into KeepCertified and click the Home tab.
  2. Under Pending CEU Requests, click the Course Title link of the CEU request.
  3. Make the necessary changes... click the Submit Request button.

Can I delete a CEU request?

At this time, it is not possible for you, or any member of the Continuing Education Team, to delete a CEU request. If you need a CEU request removed, you have two options:

  1. Modify the submitted CEU request (as described in the FAQ above).
  2. Email your building's Continuing Education representative. Ask them to "deny" your CEU request.

How do I review my license status?

  1. Log into KeepCertified and click the Home tab.
  2. Under License Summary, you will see your Renewal Year displayed.
  3. Under CEU Summary, you will see your Total CEUs.
  4. Under Required Areas, each requirement must have one (1) or more hours.

What are the requirements for relicensure?

doc20.pngMDE Specific Activities Required for Renewal

MDE requires educators to receive continuing education in the following areas: 

  1. Differentiation (Accommodation, Modification, Adaption)
  2. Technology Integration
  3. Positive Behavioral Intervention 
  4. Literacy 
  5. Mental Health
  6. Suicide Prevention
  7. English Language Learner

In addition to the areas listed above, MDE also requires a written statement prepared by the teacher. The Reflective Statement should demonstrate his or her professional accomplishment and include a self-assessment of his or her professional growth using one of the following types of evidence: 

  • Support for student learning 
  • Use of best practices techniques and their applications to student learning 
  • Collaborative work with colleagues that includes examples of collegiality
  • Continual professional development 

Do college courses count toward CEUs?

Yes, college coursework counts toward clock hours. One (1) quarter credit equals 16 clock hours and one (1) semester credit equals 24 clock hour credits.

Can I submit paper forms or documentation?

No, the NPAS Continuing Education Committee is no longer accepting paper request forms or documentation. All CEU requests and documentation must be submitted electronically via KeepCertified.

How do I transfer CEUs from another school district?

If your previous school district used KeepCertified, it is very easy to transfer CEUs from one district account to another. Simply call Cassie Olson at the District Office: (111) 111-1704  [email protected]. Let her know your first & last name, former school district, and former school email address.

If your previous school district did not use KeepCertified, Cassie Olson can verify your current CEUs with MDE. Please contact Cassie Olson to make this request.

How do I submit my Reflective Statement?

Reflective Statements will also be collected via KeepCertified. To submit your Reflective Statement, follow the same process you use to request new CEUs. Enter the following information in the form fields: 

  • CEU Category: c. Staff Development, Inservice
  • State Requirement: √ Reflective Statement
  • Title: Reflective Statement
  • Instructor: Your Name
  • Start Date: Date Started
  • End Date: Date Completed
  • Hours Attended: You may enter up to five (5) hours.
  • Requested CEU Hours: You may enter up to five (5) hours.
  • Brief description: Choose one of these two (2) options…
  1. Type your Reflective paragraph(s) directly in the textbox. -or-
  2. Simply type “Reflective Statement” and attach a PDF of your Reflective Statement document by clicking the Choose File button.

Note: If your file is a Word document, you must convert it to a PDF file:

  1. In Word, click the File tab
  2. Choose the Save As option
  3. Click the Save as type pull-down arrow
  4. Select PDF… click the Save button

What information should I include on my Reflective Statement?

The Reflective Statement should demonstrate his or her professional accomplishment and include a self-assessment of his or her professional growth using one of the following types of evidence:

  1. Support for student learning
  2. Use of best practices techniques and their applications to student learning
  3. Collaborative work with colleagues that includes examples of collegiality (i.e., attested-to committee work, collaborative staff development programs, professional learning community work)
  4. Continual professional development (i.e., job-embedded or other ongoing formal professional learning, including coursework)

It is my renewal year. How do I apply for my license renewal?


AFTER January 1st of your renewal year, log into KeepCertified and verify the following:

  • 125 CEUs from at least two categories.
  • CEUs from the 5 required areas.
  • 1 approved reflective statement.

On the 30th of each month from November – June, Cassie Olson will submit verification to MDE. This will indicate which educators in the NPAS KeepCertified system have met all the licensure requirements. If you submit CEU requests after January 1st of your renewal year, you must wait until after the 30th of that same month for the verification to be processed.

  1. Click the  link.
  2. Log in with your MDE user account and follow the renewal instructions.

    Note: If you need information about registering, try this .

  3. When your new license arrives, send one original license to Cassie Olson at the district office. At that time, your KeepCertified account will be cleared and you may start earning CEUs for your next cycle.