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Late Work & Homework Policies

Late Work & Homework Policies


Late Assignment



In fifth grade late assignments are one is the issues we deal with the most.  Please help us in keeping you child on track by looking the assignment notebook and communicating with your child about his/her work.

In the event that your child has an assignment that is late, the following procedure will be used.  For each day the assignment is late, the assignment will be reduced a grade.  For example, if a child receives a B+, but the paper is one day late, the grade will would then reduce to a B.  If the assignment is two days late, the grade would become a B-, and so on.  It will be the responsibility of the student to come forward and ask the teacher for any materials he/she may need to complete the assignment.

Homework Policy


1.  Students need to keep their assignment notebooks updated daily with homework assignments and notes from the teacher.  Parents need to sign the notebook each night indicating that they are aware of the assignments and notes.  This will be a daily assignment.


2.  If you have any late assignments, there will be a late assignment sticker put in the assignment notebook.  The assignment will be noted on the sticker.  Your parents will need to sign the sticker indicating they know you had late work.  Your grade will also be lowered.


3.  At home have a quiet, well-lit place to work.  A table or desk is the best place to work. 


4.  Students need a consistent schedule for doing homework.  Since extra-curriculum activities vary from week to week, have your parents help you set up a schedule each week or monthly.


5.  When you are sick, get your make-up work the next day and hand in any assignments from the day(s) you missed.


6.  Students should be spending approximately 50 minutes on homework.  Most days there will be class time to work on assignments – use your time wisely.  If you use your study time at school, you will have less homework.


7. Parents, please encourage, motivate, and prompt your child, but do not sit with him/her to complete the assignment.   The purpose of the homework is for your child to practice what they learned.  Please contact the teacher if your child consistently can not complete the work.


8.  Parents, please ask your child to explain the process and knowledge that he/she is using to complete an assignment.  Ask which steps are easy and difficult.  Please contact the teacher if your child consistently can’t explain their work.