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  • School will be closed on Wednesday, February 20, 2019, due to predicted weather. This includes all preschool programs, WRAP and Kids Company.
  • This will be a blended learning day.
  • The Fitness and Aquatics Center will be open regular hours 




Mr. Ledwein's class webpage


Chapter 5 Food Chain Websites: 


Videos and related quizzes for Food Chains

Activities to learn producers, consumers, and decomposers

Video on Decomposers:

Video on Food Chains:  


MN Biome Website


Find out the latest information about the fifth grade band.


Everyday Math
This site supports our math curriculum.


This site offers activities in language arts, reading, and math.


Kids Read


This site allows kids to create a variety of graphs.


Here is another site to prepare for the math MCA tests.


National Geographic for Kids


Time For Kids
This site offers activities to enhance the weekly magazine, Time 
For Kids.


MCA Practice