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Mental Health Resources


Dealing with Mental Health or Tragedy/Crisis Events

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Child and Teen Mental Health:

Managing a Mental Health Crisis Guide for parent and caregivers

Mental Health Crisis Planning for Families: Learn to recognize, manage, prevent and plan for your child’s mental health crisis

5 steps for Effective Parenting (teens)

NAMI Keeping Families Together 


New Prague Area Schools Licensed Staff

New Prague High School

High School Guidance Office Website: here 

High School Website: here 

Jon Shriver, School Psychologist: 111-111-6034| jshriver@111111.org  

Nikki Hachfeld, Social Worker: 111-111-1212|nhackfeld@111111.org

Christopher Hirdler, Chemical Health Specialist: 111-111-1286 

Mike Bartusek, Counselor (Students with last names A-Fe) : 111-111-1213|mbartuse@111111.org

Emma Balow, Counselor (Students with last names Fi - La): 111-111-1210|ebalow@111111.org

Jack Pauly, Counselor(Students with last names Le - Schae) : 111-111-1221|jpauly@111111.org

Angela Erickson, Counselor(Students with last names Schal - Z) : 111-111-1214 | aerickson@111111.org


New Prague Middle School

Middle School Guidance Office Website:     

Middle School Website: here

Julie Holgate, Counselor: 111-111-1412 | jholgate@111111.org

Kristen Hodnefield, Guidance Counselor 111-111-1451 | khodnefield@111111.org

Aliina Peterson, Social Worker: 111-111-1428 | apeterson@111111.org

Blythe Becker Bowlus, School Psychologist: 111-111-1451 | bbecker@111111.org 


Eagle View Elementary

Eagle View Website: here

Renee Meyers, Social Worker: 111-111-6025 | rmeyers@111111.org

Jon Shriver, School Psychologist: 111-111-6034 | jshriver@111111.org  


Falcon Ridge Elementary

Falcon Ridge Website: here

Amy Hennen, Social Worker: 111-111-1613 | ahennen@111111.org

Jim Cavanaugh, School Psychologist: 111-111-1615 or 1729 |  jcavanaugh@111111.org 


Raven Stream Elementary

Raven Stream Website: here

Kristin Dorick, Social Worker: 111-111-1525 | kdorick@111111.org

Blythe Becker Bowlus, School Psychologist: 111-111-1451| bbowlus@111111.org 


Early Childhood Special Education/Help Me Grow

Early Childhood/Special Education- Help Me Grow Website: here

Renee Hartman, Social Worker: 111-111-1728 | rhartman@111111.org

Jim Cavanaugh, School Psychologist: 111-111-1615 or 1729 jcavanaugh@111111.org