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Due to an electrical malfunction, the school board will convene the meeting tonight, but will move all items on the agenda, with the exception of the bond sale resolution, to tomorrow night, Tuesday, April 24 at 6:00 pm

Mentorship Program

The purpose of the New Prague Area Schools Mentorship Program is to provide a supportive professional community to our non-tenured teachers (new, second, and third year teachers) and assist in the development of long-term careers in education.  This task is accomplished with the commitment of the Mentor Coordinator, Mentor and Mentee working collaboratively.

Our Goals:

  • Become oriented to the district standards and protocols
  • Strengthen professional practices in curriculum and instruction
  • Establish a disposition for continuous professional development and develop collegiality
  • Increase student achievement

Three-Year Cycle to support:

  • New teacher effectiveness
  • Improve teacher retention
  • Strengthen teacher leadership

Accomplishing the Goals:

  • Mentor Coordinator, Mentors, and Mentees working together
  • Observations from the Mentor Coordinator
  • Observations from the building Principal
  • Working through a framework designed for goal setting, discussions, and reflections

Strive throughout the year to:

  • Observe at least two other classroom teachers of similar grade level/subject area
  • Participate in professional development sessions

NPAS Promises:

  • Provide on-going, comprehensive staff development
  • Formative observations by the Mentor Coordinator
  • Professional development sessions to design to support professional practices


Mentorship Program Roles and Expectations

Mentor Coordinator

  • Works with Mentor and Mentees
  • Coordinates district mentorship activities and discussion topics
  • Conducts informal observations intended to provide feedback, allow for discussion, and reflections of practices
  • Serves as a resource


  • A role model and advocate
  • Establish a relationship which instills trust, mutual respect, and collegiality
  • Encourage support, guide, and provide feedback to the mentee
  • Establish a routine for consistent on-going communication
  • Serve as a resource in order to share thoughts, ideas, and information to develop professional pedagogy


  • Take an active part in the training provided at the district and building levels
  • Keep an open dialogue with Mentor Coordinator, Mentor, fellow team members, and staff
  • Work with the Mentor Coordinator to complete teaching observational experiences
  • Put forth an honest effort to help ensure observational experience and Mentorship Program is successful