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Morning Drop-off Letter


TO:        Raven Stream Elementary Parents


FROM:   Patrick Pribyl, Principal

               Craig Most, Transportation Supervisor

               John Madigan, School Liaison Officer


DATE:    November 25, 2015


RE:         Student Drop-Off in the Morning


After many concerned parent calls and comments, we are asking parents who drop children off in the morning, between 8:50 – 9:00 a.m., to please remember the following:


  • Drop off your child along the yellow curb in front of the building.  Pull forward to the marked light pole to keep the cars moving.  Please DO NOT unload directly in front of the door unless there is nobody waiting behind you.  Supervision will be available to make sure that your child gets safely into school.


  • Please have your child ready to get out of your car as soon as you come to a stop.  Have your child exit on the sidewalk side of your car.  If your child is not ready to get out, please pull into the lot and park and walk them in.  Do not make everyone behind you wait.


  • Please DO NOT use the parking lot rows to drop off your student.  Cars trying to park or back out of parking spots are unable to do so when the lane is blocked by a line of cars.  It’s also very dangerous when students are walking unattended in the lot.


The safety of our students is our number one concern and priority.  If these reminders don’t help improve the current problems, we will be forced to move to a process where everyone must park and walk their child into school like we do after school.