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Mural by Dvorak



Dennis Dvorak designed and painted a colorful mural in the Raven Stream Elementary media center. The concept for the mural centered on the idea that art can be functional as well as beautiful. The mural is an instructional tool for students while in media class as well as a piece of art to be enjoyed by all. The end product has images that correlate with the Dewey Decimal System in which the media center resources are arranged.  The Dewey Decimal System has ten main categories and within each group Mr. Dvorak has skillfully painted images that correspond appropriately. General Works is the first category and it is represented in the mural as a vibrant green alien. Philosophy is the second class and it shows a group of multicultural children playing together happily. The third class is religion which encompasses mythology and is shown by a whimsical Pegasus. Paul Bunyan is expertly painted to scale and he is part of a tall tale and they belong in the social science area. Language is next which is pictured by the Greek alphabet hanging high in a tree. The vivid solar system and the giant chartreuse dinosaur in the mural correspond to the category of science. The seventh class is technology and it is shown by the airplane in flight. The arts are represented by musical notes and a painting palette. The next category is literature and is shown by the child peacefully reading in the tree. The last group is history and geography. It is demonstrated by the large map of Minnesota. Several of the artistic images are able to fit more than one category.

Mr. Dvorak, who is a retired art teacher from New Prague High School, did a wonderful job of creating the mural as well as giving short art lessons to the students. When students came into the media center for class, he would spend about five minutes explaining the process of designing and painting a mural. It took several weeks to complete the mural so the students were able to experience the progress of the painting and the excitement of seeing the artwork created. The overall experience was excellent and we are thrilled to be able to enjoy this beautiful mural for many years to come.