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Reading Workshop

Unit 1:  Building our Reading Life

The first 6 weeks of school is incredibly important in setting the tone of what reading will look like in Room 18.  As we progress through the year, you will notice your readers changing and evolving.  Together, we will find your reader's passion and obsession.  Some of the lessons you will see involve evaluating their current reading life and how we can work together to make it better.  Essentially, everyone has something to work on as a reader.  It could be the actual act of reading, broaden our voracious reader's book selections, reading at home, "real" reading at school, stealing reading time, etc!  

As part of your 4th's homework, I will gift :) each reader 20 minutes of reading each night.  Yes, it's a generous gift.  As a family, please determine when this gift of reading will happen in your nightly routine.  At our home, before bed seems to work best.  During the hockey season, the gift of reading happens in the morning before school.  Your gift of reading can also be a family read aloud, reading to a younger sibling, reading an article about a favorite athlete (Players' Tribune is incredible for this!), finding recipes in a cook book, ANYTHING!  I empathize with your hectic schedules.  I'm right there with you.  

Make adjustments.  Make a plan.

 Book Study

Skills and Strategies

Building our Characters

Identifying Signposts

Developing Empathy for Characters

Mental Movies

Tricky words