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Math Workshop






Unit 1:  Place Value; Multidigit Addition and Subtraction

Place Value and Whole Numbers

Students review place-value concepts and explore numbers in the tenthousands and hundred-thousands. They will read, write, compare, and order these numbers.

Students will also use population data from U.S. cities to practice rounding and comparison techniques.


Students practice mental and paper-and-pencil methods of computation, as well as using a calculator. They will decide which tool is most appropriate for solving a particular problem. 

Students explore a new strategy for adding and subtracting multidigit whole numbers and compare different methods. They will realize that often the same result may be obtained in multiple ways.  

Students use estimation to assess the reasonableness of answers as they work with multistep number stories using a letter for the unknown.

Measurement and Data

Students review the concept of perimeter and then develop and apply formulas for finding the perimeters of rectangles.

Students convert between customary units of length (yards, feet, inches) and solve number stories involving conversions. Geometry Students examine definitions and properties of 2-dimensional shapes and the relationships among them.




No School-Assessment Conferences



No School-Assessment Conferences



First Day! 

Students will begin to learn about our Math Workshop Rotations through basic cooperative games. 


Math Notebook, Lesson 1.1

We will begin numbering our Math Notebook--this will serve as a major resource in our classroom. 


Students will review place value, reading and writing numbers, and learn a new game. 


Lesson 1.2

Students will practice writing numbers in expanded form.