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Prodigy- Math Game


Everyday Math Link

This site has lots of games that we play at school.  They work 
with the math concepts that we study in class.  You will need 
the login and password. It should be in the back of his/her planner.


Tumblebooks is a site that will read stories to your 
children.There are different activities like story 
tests to work with as well. You will need the login and password 
that was sent home.


This website works with phonics and phonemic awareness for all 


Fun educational games, computer games and more!



Games, contests, books, and more.


Great games, stories, and recipes for Christmas.


Fun With Arthur, Clifford, and much more!


Great games for all to enjoy.


A fun website where the kids can practice their spelling words.


Practicing Math Skills


Flash cards with single digit



This site has advertising, so it can be distracting, but there 
are problems with single digit and bigger number subtraction.


Spacey Math is a timed game with increasingly more difficult 
levels, this one has sound and will really get the student 
interested in getting quicker


Practice with math skills

Other Resources

Here are some other resources that you can't find on the internet:     School 
Library     Local Public Library