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Nov. 19-21,  2018


We will continue to work with the beginning sound by playing games and reading poems that have many words starting with the same sound.

Students have started reading books with me in their Guided Reading group.  We focus on first starting by saying the title of the story to get our brains thinking about what the book might be about.  We then take a picture walk to continue thinking about the content. When we read (at this level), I would like students to point under each word.  We use our strategies to figure out a word. We look at the first letter (and letter after) and look at the picture to give us clues. You can use these strategies at home, too!

Our grade level has a time frame in our reading block where we share kids according to how they did on a quick assessment that all teachers administered to their class.  From that assessment, students are grouped together. Those groups then go to a certain kindergarten teacher to work on that skill (or a reteach OR an extension of that skill!).  We call this 20 minute time frame W.I.N., which stands for What I Need. So far, students enjoy the switch-up of our reading block and they get to work on what skills is best for them at that time.


SIGHT WORDS (First 100 FRY words):

Our NEW sight words this week: at, be

Sight words:  the, of, and, a, to, in, is, you,that, it, he, was, for, on,  are, as, with, his, they, I


Students will be working with attribute blocks by noticing how many vertices and sides shapes have.  We will also work on graphing with dice and by asking each other questions and making a graph.

Second Step (Social/Emotional behavior):

Our next social skill will focus on accidents (when you do something you didn’t mean to do).  We’ll discuss the importance to recognize that you caused it, so others don’t think you did it on purpose.  We’ll learn this by saying “I’m sorry” and asking “if there’s anything I can do to help.”


Nov. 9:  NO SCHOOL K-12

Nov. 20:  APEX (fundraiser) Pep Rally at 2:50-receive pledge packets with details.

Nov. 21:  Holiday Sharing money donations due

Nov. 22:  Thanksgiving; NO SCHOOL

Nov. 23:  NO SCHOOL

Dec. 4:  APEX Remix Dance (9:15-10:15 for K)

Dec. 6:  RS PAC meeting at 6 p.m.

Dec. 24-Jan. 1:  NO SCHOOL

School RESUMES on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019!!!



P - Prepared

R - Respectful

I - Inspired

D - Determined

E - Engaged




Laney - Nov. 1

Tate - Nov. 8

Lila - Nov. 12


* Please view the Nutrition Service guideline for SMART SNACKS.  Sending any type of birthday treat (food or small toy) is optional.  If you do send something, we have 21 students.  Please send enough for ALL students.

Click on Nutrition Services to view NPAS guidelines. 

**We are a latex-free school, as stated in the Indoor Air Quality handbook.  Please do not send balloons.**

(Information on NPAS website:  http://soundandfury.info/wellness-birthdays)

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