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Sept. 17-21, 2018


Students will be working on their name (and classmate’s names) this week.  In our Handwriting curriculum, we have discussed the “Go” line and the “Finish” line when writing.  Students should start writing on the left side and finish on the right….going to the next line when needed.  We will also be working a lot on rhyming words.


**We'll start learning sight words Oct. 1.


We will start making graphs; a birthday graph and an age graph.  We will also start working with various ways to represent a number.  We will use objects to show the number, a 10-frame to represent the number, and practice writing the number.

Second Step (Social/Emotional behavior):

Our class will focus on lessons that deal with emotions and behavior.  The kids really enjoy the puppet and snail puppets. Our topic for the week is “Self Talk for Staying on Task.”  Students think in their brains the directions that were told. This is a fun time for the class as we


Sept. 15: Brain Power Run @ 8:00 a.m. (@ Trojan Stadium)

Sept. 20: PAC Meeting @ 6:00 (Creative Commons/Media Center)

Sept. 24-26:  Take your Parent to P.E. Week

Sept. 24-28:  NPHS Homecoming Week; selling homecoming buttons before school

Sept. 27:  Homecoming Pepfest @ 1:50 (in gym)

Sept. 28:  homecoming Parade @ 1:00




P - Prepared

R - Respectful

I - Inspired

D - Determined

E - Engaged


 Paul M. Sept. 4



* Please view the Nutrition Service guideline for SMART SNACKS.  Sending any type of birthday treat (food or small toy) is optional.  If you do send something, we have 21 students.  Please send enough for ALL students.

Click on Nutrition Services to view NPAS guidelines. 

**We are a latex-free school, as stated in the Indoor Air Quality handbook.  Please do not send balloons.**

(Information on NPAS website:  http://soundandfury.info/wellness-birthdays)

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