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Riverbend Pictures

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2.18.16  Balanced Equations

We are learning about balancing equations and the kids just  LOVED this site today!  Check it out:

Going on Safari

This week we are talking about the wild animals we would see on a safari!  Check out this fun game we found on the San Diego Zoo website!


Paper Airplanes                                                      

Our class is WAY into making paper airplanes right now!  I love watching them engineer bigger and better planes.  One little sweetie said to me, "I love finding out if my design will work or not!"  How perfect!  Failing at something isn't what makes us quit, it's what makes us try again!  One of the best lessons anyone can learn!!

We watched this video today to get some paper airplane making tips: 



By special request we are posting a link the the Alphabots video list we used as we reviewed letter sounds at the beginning of the year.  They were a hit!




We are learning about telling the summary of stories we read.  

Here are a few videos we used to help us learn about this skill:







Homecoming 2015

We made fun hats for the parade with our buddies.  We made football players and cheerleaders to decorate our hallway and took pictures for fun locker signs too!  Go Trojans!! 



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