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In 5th grade, homework will be written daily in your student's 

planner.  Typically there will be one short math sheet each 

day.  These "home links" will review skills the student learned that day 

and should be brought back to school the next day.  Students will keep 

these in their in-school folders until the "homework check" (every 4-5 days) 

which will ask for one or two answers off each page and students simply 

copy the answer they had written on the home link.  If students are 

responsible with these and do a careful job at home, this should be an 

easy A! (Also, if you keep the blue "Family Letter", the answers to many of

the home link questions are on the back. Parents may use these to make sure your 

students are on the right track.)


Also, we will have a new spelling list each week.  We will pre-test on

Monday and the lists will be sent home to study for the test which will be

on Friday. Lists will also be posted on this site each Friday for the 

following week.  Students will be responsible for completing one short spelling worksheet during the week (due by

Friday).  Any student who misses less than 2 words on

the pretest will be required to take the 5 challenge words as well, and 

these will be counted as extra credit on the Friday test.


Students are also expected to read for "SQUIRT" at least 20 minutes each 

day at home.  Time will be given in class each day for SQUIRT (sustained, 

quiet, uninterrupted, reading time) and students may read books of their 

choice from the class library, media center, or home, but they should be 

chapter books and must be approved by me before reading.  I will approve 

most books,but want to check the reading level so it isn't too hard or too 

easy.  Students will receive a blue SQUIRT slip when their book is 

approved and should keep it until they finish the book so a parent can sign off after the child has told them about the book.  

Students are required to read 18 books for SQUIRT  each semester as a part of 

their reading grade.  Every 100 pages the student reads counts as one book.


Any other homework will be noted in the assignment notebooks but the math 

page, studying for spelling, and SQUIRT are the standard requirements.



<U>Homework Policy/Absences:</U>


Obviously we hope your child is in school as much possible, but in the 

event that your child is sick, homework for the day will be available, 

however, it is NOT necessary to make a trip to school that day.  Your 

child can get the homework the next day and have extra time to complete 

it. If your child has an extended illness and you would like to pick up 

some work, please notify me AS EARLY in the day as possible so I have time 

to prepare their work.  

With regard to vacations, it is my policy not to prepare homework ahead of

time.  Lesson plans change on a daily basis throughout the week and it is

difficult to predict what we will actually complete.  Your child will be

given a detailed list of homework when they return and will have the same

amount of days that they missed PLUS ONE to complete it.  Always notify 

the office of any absences, whether it is illness or vacation.  


Thanks for your support in this area.


<U>Late/Missing Assignments</U>


In fifth grade, there is not a lot of “assigned homework”, however, 

if a student does not use his/her time wisely in class, they may need to 

take work home.  One thing we really try to work on is RESPONSIBILITY.  

Therefore,I will be keeping track of late or missing assignments 

throughout the year.  If your child fails to turn something in by the due 

date, you will see a “Late sticker” in his/her assignment notebook 

indicating what the assignment was and when it was due. Please sign this 

sticker to indicate you have received this information and are aware that 

your child is missing something.  Sometimes students will complete the 

assignment later in the day during some extra time they may have, which is 

great.  However, the assignment will still be counted as late, and I will 

be keeping track of the number of late assignments for each semester.  

This information will be included in the report card.


       It is important for your child to start being responsible in this 

area because as they move up to middle school and beyond, late or missing 

assignments can be counted as “0”s and will affect their grades.  

Depending on the assignment, I may also deduct points for it being late.

 If you ever have any questions or concerns with 

your child’s work, don’t hesitate to contact me!