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Blended Learning


Pick at least 3 activities to complete and have your parent initial and date next to each one you did (or email/note in planner)

_____ practice your new spelling words by choosing 8 and writing them into sentences correctly OR reading each word and saying it to a parent. REMEMBER: since this list is homophones, you must use each word correctly

_____ Make up and solve two each of +, -, *, / problems with fractions

_____ read a book aloud to someone

_____ write a letter in cursive to a friend or relative

_____ read for at least 15 minutes and tell someone about your book

_____ walk, run, or play in the snow at least for 60 minutes 

_____ go to the IXL math website and complete a lesson for +,-,*, or / fractions

_____ read a magazine or newspaper and tell someone about a current event that was interesting

_____ play a math game on the computer or with a deck of cards   

_____ do an internet search on a country you would like to visit and write four new facts you find

______ watch a movie and make a story map that shows narrative elements: setting, characters, plot         

 _____ play a board game with someone

_____ practice keyboarding skills by e-mailing someone or going on typing club 

           (remember your username is your first name and there is no password for Typing Club)  

_____ do an internet search of your wax museum person and write down four facts you learn about her/him

_____ read a chapter of your independent reading book and draw a picture that summarizes it

_____ with the approval of a parent, practice following directions by reading a recipe and baking something.

_____ google “early explorers to North America” and read about one that interests you. Tell someone what you learned.

_____ Write or type a story