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Kid Friendly Curriculum Links

Kid Friendly Curriculum Links


This is our reading series website.  It has lots of activities 
for all ages in reading.


This is our Math series website.  It is very user friendly, and 
your children know how to find their way around on it. The best 
feature is that if the math home link is forgotten in school, you 
can print one off from the website.  There are also parent 
tutorial video clips in most lessons.  You will need the login 
password that is in your child's planner.


Tumblebooks is a site that will read stories to your children.  
There are different activities like story tests to work with as 
well.  You will need the login and password that was sent home.


This website works with phonics and phonemic awareness for all 


Fun educational games, computer games, and lots more!


Lots of fun to explore.


Games, contests, books, and more!


You can make word finds, crossword puzzles, and more!  You can 
pick the words to put in them or use ones they have already 


Great games, stories, and recipes for Christmas


Math and Literacy games for the young child.  This is an 
excellent website that breaks down Math and Literacy concepts 
into fun grade appropriate games and activities.  Continue 
scrolling down to get to the Literacy section.


Fun with Arthur, Clifford, and much more!


Great games for all to enjoy.


An excellent website.  It has great math games for young 
children.  When you get into the website go to the second column 
and find Math.  On the right side, under Math, click on 2-3 Math 
and select a game.  All games are arranged according to different 
K-1 grade appropriate math concepts. Enjoy!


A fun website where the kids can practice their spelling words 
through games.


Study Island is a completely online program that is based on the 
Minnesota Academic Standards.  With consistent use, this program 
has been proven to raise academic achievements and help to 
improve scores on the MCA tests that are taken in the Spring.  
Everything on the site is arranged in a very user friendly way.  
You will need the student's user name and password to get into 
this website.  User names and passwords will be sent home after 
Parent Teacher Conferences in October. 


The Web's #1 Math Practice Site
Practice makes perfect, and IXL makes math practice fun. With 
unlimited math questions in more than 1,000 topics, students 
improve their skills and confidence and always have new 
challenges to meet. Just click on a grade level to get started!


This is a great website for your child to practice and memorize 
the basic multiplication facts.  There are over 10 games to play 
that are super fun and very kid friendly.  You know what they 
say?,  "Practice makes perfect".  Enjoy!