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Reading: We will be doing some review work the first week of school and then diving into our Reading Curriculum that 2nd week. Our current Reading Curriculum is Scott Foresman. It is very strong in phonemic awareness, sight words, as well as a weekly spelling list.

Math: Our Math program is Everyday Mathematics. It is a spiraling curriculum that moves rather quickly. Some of the skills worked on include: reading/writing numbers, place value, counting money, telling time, basic addition and subtraction, polygons, calculators,  fractions, basic units of measure, and geometric shapes.

Science: We will be using the Scott Foresman Series. We learn about Living and Non- living things, magnets, force, life cyclesl, habitats, weather, space and more. Lots of hands-on activities!

Social Studies: We will be focusing on various places around the world, different cultures, holidays and customs.

Health: Our health curriculum is based on our body. We talk all about the organs in our body and how they work. We also talk about the outside environment and what is good and bad for our bodies. We even touch on how to make good decisions on things we put in our bodies as well as how to treat others and help them be respectful.