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Goal: Students will focus on learning weekly spelling patterns and incorporate them into their writing verses memorizing a weekly list of words that can often be quickly forgotten. Spelling lists will still be sent home to give you examples of words that follow the week's pattern.

Week 1.4
Words that end with -ing and -ed
Sample words: clapping, jumped, walked


Monday-Thursday: Students learn about the spelling pattern and practice.

Thursday: Students are given a 6-word practice test with words that follow the pattern of the week. These words will not be words from the spelling list that was sent home; this will more accurately test if they have learned the skill. If they spell 6/6 correctly, they are done with spelling for the week. Students who get less than 6/6 correct will get retaught the skill and have an opportunity Friday to show they've learned it.

Friday: 12-word test for students who got less than 6/6 correct on Thursday. 6 words will again be mystery words, and the last 6 will be ones from the spelling list.

Click to view weekly spelling patterns and practice spelling online.