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Pay Day

Learning about money becomes more real when children actively participate in the process of earning and spending money.  Students will make money for the job of beinng a student.  They will earn 50¢ for completing a reading log sheet.  They will earn one penny for completing the Passport on time, and another if it is gorgeous.  Another penny can be earned when kids get Mom or Dad's signature on that Passport entry.  If students are able to solve a Singapore Math problem correctly, they will earn a penny.  There are chances at bonuses for out of the ordinary efforts, and a weekly good citizen drawing.

As the new month begins, each worker will add up the pay earned.  Payment will be made monthly by classroom volunteers.  The worker will decide whether they will save the money and earn interest, or take it to spend in our store.  Those who save make 10% interest!

Please let me know if you would like to help by being a banker or a storekeeper once a month!  We would also take donations of  leftover party favor type toys to sell in our store.