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Band Calendar - Schedule


Mrs. Spindler's Band Schedule

- These are posted on inside cover of student planners along with lesson pass. 

Day 1- 5 Band Rotation

Day 1


Lessons at Raven Stream a.m..

Lessons at Falcon Ridge p.m..

Day 2


Large Group Band Rehearsal at Raven Stream.

Lessons at Raven Stream.

Day 3


Large group BAND rehearsal at Eagle View.

Lessons at Eagle View.

Day 4


Lessons at Falcon Ridge a.m..

Lessons at Eagle View p.m..

Day 5


Large Group Band Rehearsal at Falcon Ridge.

Lessons at Falcon Ridge.


Check your Lesson Pass (inside your planner) for the *Day* and  *Time* of  your lesson.

(These will be distributed the third week in September.)

Snow Day/Blended Learning Lesson Plan 

  • Practice your assigned songs on your instrument on Blended Learning days.
  • Stay tuned for changes in the 5-day rotation schedule!