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Kindergarten Information

    Kindergarten Information

Please read through this page to answer questions you may have concerning procedures, conduct, and communication. Please contact me at anytime with questions or concerns. Let’s have a great school year!! 

Communication I check e-mail and voicemail before and after school hours. You can expect to hear from me ASAP, or at the latest within 3 school days. If something urgent arises during the school day, please contact the main office at 111-111-1600. Email: [email protected] Classroom Number: 16 Classroom Phone: (111) 111-1656

Assistanceletter Our classroom will have a weekly newsletter available online, emailed, or in paper copy.

Communication Folder Your student will have a daily take home folder. I will check it in the morning and please be sure to check it at night. The zipper pouch in the middle is for any important notes, field trip money, permission slips, etc.

Snack Students will have a daily snack between breakfast and lunch. Please send your student with a nutritious snack that will promote your students’ health, well-being, and ability to learn. There will also be a Healthy Snack Cart at the school.

Classroom Management Please see the sheet in this packet regarding classroom management.

Clothing Please send your student to school in clothes that they can play, eat, exercise, and be seated comfortably in. It is encouraged to keep an extra outfit and pair of socks in your child’s locker or backpack in case any accidents occur at school. Physical Education (P.E.): Students need to wear tennis shoes to participate in P.E. class. Students may choose to bring their gym shoes and leave them in the lockers until P.E. class.

Birthdays Birthdays are a big deal! We would love for your student feel “extra-special” on their big day. All students will receive a birthday crown and song (provided by the teacher). If you wish to add-on to the celebration for your child here are a few school-approved options to choose from:

Non-Food Items: Your student may bring a non-food item (pencils, erasers, dollar store toys, etc.) for each classmate.

Donate a Book: Families may choose to donate a book to our classroom library in honor of your child’s birthday. On your child’s birthday we will read the book together as a class.

Trojan Treats: Nutrition Services is now offering Trojan Treats to assist in providing a healthy celebratory snack for your child’s class. To view/order the catering options please visit http://soundandfury.info/smart-snacks

Snack Smart Calculator: If you wish to bring a food item into the classroom from an outside source it must be Smart Snack Approved. To determine if your food item qualifies as a smart snack, please enter the nutritional information into the Smart Snack Calculator at: http://soundandfury.info/smart-snacks

Classroom Celebrations Our classroom will have three celebrations (fall, winter, and February). Each celebration will go for approximately one hour. Please wait for further information regarding dates, times, and volunteer opportunities. Note: It is my priority that the classroom is a safe, responsible, and respectful learning environment for all students. Please contact me if you have any concerns about classroom celebrations based on to your personal or religious beliefs.

Transportation All transportation changes must be in writing or called through the office.