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Homework / Study Time

Some of the homework below may not come home if students used their time in class to complete it. 


Math Homelinks: 

Homelinks are due the next day for a point. If it comes back late students will receive half a point. Students will be given time in class to work on homelinks. They will come home to go over or complete them with a parent & have a parent sign or initial. This will provide reinforcement, reteaching, and review of the skills taught in class each day. Homelinks assigned on Wednesday will be due Friday. 

Below are two great resources for additional practice and reinforcement of skills learned at home. Students should be periodically practicing their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts at home. 


How Can I Help My Child in Math






Multiplication Songs & Tricks



Reading Packet: 

During the week we work on the reading packet together. We will do 3-4 examples or more from each page together as a class. Students will then get class time to complete those pages we worked on in class before Friday.  On Friday, I look over the packet to see if students understood the concept or if they need more review. It is also great handwriting practice because students get a handwriting grade.


Why Read Daily?

It is important to set aside time for your child to read four times a week. Many third graders will transition into being independent readers this year, but they still benefit from you reading aloud to them.  While you are reading you can ask them questions about what they heard to check their comprehension of the story.









Comprehension Questions After Reading 



Fluency Poster


Blue Graded Grammar Sheet:

On Thursday's we will go over the blue graded grammar sheet as a class. Again, we will do 3-4 examples together. Then students are to complete it and return it Friday for points. It typically ranges from 10-15 points that are entered into the gradebook. Please check that your child is completing the grammar sheet & turning it in as missing work will affect their grade. 


Dictionary Skills:

Periodically we will do blue dictionary skills in class. They are similar to a dictionary scavenger hunt to get students familiar with the use of a dictionary. Dictionary Skills will be started in class. If it is not finished they will be sent home to complete. They need to be returned the next day for points that are entered into the gradebook. Please ensure that your child is using the dictionary from the Lion's club as answers may vary from using a different dictionary. 




Friday: test

In third grade students are given a 10 word list. Five of those ten words will follow a pattern and the other five are commonly misspelled words. 


Visit our classroom  to play spelling games.