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Blended Learning Days


Happy Blended Learning Day!


To continue our learning when we are away from school, please attempt to do these activities at home.  



  • Please make sure your Unit 25 worksheet is complete, it is due on Thursday.
  • Study your words for the test on Thursday.  The words can be found here or on Mrs. W's website. 

Social Studies: 

  • Continue working on your 13 Colonies presentation.  The plan is to still start presentations next week.  Remember that you (and your partner) need to be an expert on your colony. 
  • Watch this video as a review to the 13 colonies 
  • Study your map of the 13 colonies.  Can you label all the colonies of the Northern, MIddle and Southern Colonies?  Use this to help you review. 


  • Watch this on polygons and quadrilaterals so you will be ready for math notes tomorrow.
  • Go to IXL and do 5th grade AA.1 to 100%. 
  • You can also finish the practice MCA test that is linked


Remember that I will be checking off which students are doing their blended learning activities.