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Science Fair

Science Fair

Check out the great sites for your project!

Science Fair


Looking for a place to start? Try this short quiz to find out where you can begin. 


Get some more great ideas here!


Another great place to check out science fair ideas. 


Look here for experiment ideas. 


More great science fair resources. 


This is a great place to look for ideas and there is a spot to order 
items that go with it. There is also a spot for your parents to 


Great experiments from Science Wizards!


Interesting ideas!


Parents....here is a great site for tips and ideas. Enjoy!


Here are some great projects from kids.gov. 


Great sites all for you to understand the science fair. 


Use this site to help you when you set up your bibliography page of your 

Other Resources

Here are some other resources that you can't find on the internet:     
School Library     Local Public Library