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Here's What We're Working On...

October 1, 2018

Reading/Language Arts

  • I can read silently for up to 9 min.
  • I can read words with the -ing ending
  • I can tell what the text is mostly about.
  • I can read the following sight words: her, this, too, animal, or, my, come
  • I can spell words with the -s ending
  • I can print the letter Ss correctly (top to bottom, left to right)


  • I can solve number stories (word problems).
  • I can create his/her own number story.
  • I can solve math problems using the "turn around rule" or strategy
  • I can count by 10's up to 120.
  • I can count by 5's up to 120.
  • I can break numbers apart (within 10)


  • I can tell the life cycle of a frog.
  • I can name 3 things that a living thing needs

Social Studies

  • Ways to be a good citizen
  • Rules of School


  • I can explain what a bully is and how to tell vs. tattle.