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Blending Learning Day (Snow Day)

Dear 2nd Grade Parents/Guardians,

In the case of a snow day, New Prague has designed a Blended Learning plan where students will complete work at home instead of adding more school days to the calendar. The first snow day is a traditional snow day where students don’t have to make up any work. Any snow days after that, students are required to complete some activities at home. All resources will be sent home in paper version, but can also be found on all of our teacher web pages (except the math mystery packet). If you have any questions during a snow day, teachers may be reached by email from 10:00-3:00.


Blended Learning Day #7:

Please pick 3 activities below to complete for your Blended Learning Day:


  • Read for 20 minutes in your nice cozy bed with a flashlight.


  • Practice memorizing your lines for your play part and/or create your costume.


  • Write a story about what you think Mrs. Bombardo is doing on this Blended Learning day.


  • Complete the “Area of a Rectangle” and “Perimeter of a Polygon” sheet.


  • Print out a Star Power sheet from my web page and try to complete the whole thing in under 5 minutes.


  • Log into iXL math and complete 2 skills you haven’t received a medal in yet.



  • Complete the Weather Instruments matching sheet.


Click link below for complete packet:

Packet #7