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Blended Learning (Snow Day)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In the case of a snow day, New Prague has designed a Blended Learning plan where students will complete work at home instead of adding more school days to the calendar. The first snow day is a traditional snow day where students don’t have to make up any work. Any snow days after that, students are required to complete some activities at home. All resources will be sent home in paper version, but can also be found on all of our teacher webpages. If you have any questions during a snow day, teachers may be reached by email from 10:00-3:00.

Blended Learning Day #6: Please pick 3 activities below to complete for your Blended Learning Day.

  • Read in your bathtub for 30 minutes with a pillow and blanket.

  • Listen to the Story “Tacky The Penguin” and complete the STEM project that goes along with it. Click on the link to listen to story:

  • Log into iXL math and go to category S and work on measurements for 20 minutes (set the timer)!

  • Complete the Addition Math Mystery picture.

  • Complete the Valentine Parts of Speech worksheet.

  • Use the writing prompt paper and write about your Snowy Day!

 Link to packet:

 Blended Learning Day #5: Please pick 3 activities below to complete for your Blended Learning Day.

  • Build a fort and read in it for 30 minutes with a flashlight.
  • Log into Raz-Kids and listen to a story, read the story and take the quiz.
  • Work on your math facts with our "Star Power Tests." Our goal is 50 problems in 5 minutes. Try the one you are currently on!   http://soundandfury.info/sites/default/files/documents/424/All%20Timed%20Tests.pdf
  • Complete the Math Mystery picture. Write your numbers to 100 FIRST then color in your squares.
  • Use the writing prompt paper and write about your own restaurant.
  • Write a Funny, Wacky, Goofy Adjective story.

Link to packet: 


Blended Learning Day #4: Here we go again! Please pick 3 activities below to complete for your Blended Learning Day.

  • Read for 30 minutes and record it on your “I Love To Read” log.
  • Read the “Scholastic Assistance” article and complete the response sheets.
  • Complete the Math Mystery Packet “Heartbreak Hitman.”
  • Log into iXL math and work on a few skills for 20 minutes.
  • Use the writing paper to write your own creative story! Make sure you have a beginning, middle and end. Also make sure you have a catchy title :)
  • Spell out your FULL NAME and complete the exercise that go with each letter.

 Link to packet: 


Snow Day #1: No Work! Go play in the snow!

Blended Learning Day #2: Please complete 3 activities below

  • Math Mystery Packet “Case of the Snowman Army”
  • Play any math game using cards (top-it, Salute, etc.)
  • Play pass the pencil with someone at home with a math fact sheet
  • Complete the rest/all of the math fact sheets in the packet (you can set the timer for 5 minutes and see how many you can get done)
  • iXL Math (20 minutes)
  • Raz-Kids (Pick 1 story at your level to listen to, read, then take the quiz) 
  • Complete the writing prompt
  • Complete the punctuation skill lesson

 Here is a link to our packet 



Blended Learning Day #3:

* Do above work first.

* If all work above is complete work on the following: IXL math double digit adding with and without renaming,  and read for 20 minutes.

Thank You!