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Blended Learning/Snow Day

If a snow day occurs the following information will be helpful... 

Snow/Bad Weather Day 1:  Traditional Snow Day; no work is required.  

Any following Snow/Bad Weather/School Closing Days:  Complete 2 activities of your choice in reading AND 2 activities of your choice in math from the options listed at the bottom of this page.  **Let me know if you do some other activity related to math and/or reading that's not listed.


School Closings and Blended Learning:  Parent Letter for Raven Stream

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As winter approaches, we must think about inclement weather and the potential for school closings. We all have childhood memories of snow days, building forts, sledding, and drinking hot cocoa after shoveling. There is value in these experiences, but snow days can add up quickly and learning opportunities can be lost. For this reason, Raven Stream Elementary, along with all schools in the district, will use Blended Learning in the event of school closings. Here are some important points about our Blended Learning Days:

  1. The first school day cancelled will remain a “traditional” snow day. Assignments will not be given.

  2. The second and following school days cancelled will include “Blended Learning” where students complete lessons at home.

  3. Lessons may have a “blend” of online or traditional paper/pencil activities. Online activities may be available as a choice or option, but not as a requirement.

  4. Blended Learning provides continuous and meaningful learning opportunities. Students will not have to make up any snow days in the spring.

  5. Teachers will include Blended Learning activity sheets in students’ folders, passports, or planners. Links to the activity sheets will also be available on your teacher’s website.

  6. Teachers can be reached via their school email between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Our mission at New Prague Area Schools is, “To engage and support everyone in high levels of learning.” Our vision is, “To be a premier school district that models excellence and embraces the challenges of the 21st Century.” If we hold true to these statements, we must create innovative solutions to promote student learning. We are excited for the opportunities Blended Learning Days will provide for our students.



Pat Pribyl, Principal

Raven Stream Elementary School


 ~ Choose 2 activities for reading AND 2 activities for math ~


Read 10 minutes

Read aloud to someone (read the pictures, read the words, retell the story)

Practice Sight Words

Write a sentence(s) and draw a picture(s) to match

Write CVC words

Visit the site:  starfall.com

RAZ Kids (online)



IXL (online)

Make Patterns (AAB, ABB, ABC, AB, etc.)

Add/Subtract Items

Play “Top-It”

Count forward/backward

Write numbers

Build a tower out of objects you have at home (ex. Cups, blocks, Legos, build a snow fort, snowman, etc.).  Write a sentence  about your creation.