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Math Facts

Students will be “tested” on their math facts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My goal is that they don't simply memorize their facts, but learn each skill and strategy to become better at math. They will practice every day at school and are encouraged to practice at home as well. They can practice online (link and directions are below) or with the practice worksheets that are below.

1. Type in Ms. Tupy's email: [email protected]

2. Type student's first name.

3. Their pin is their lunch code.


Practice Worksheets

 The order of the tests are:

  1. (there are 3 practice options)
  2. (there are 3 practice options)
  3. Subtraction and Addition 
  4.  (tested together)
  5.  (each practiced and tested individually)
  6. (there are 3 practice options)
  7. (there are 3 practice options)
  8. Reducing Fractions